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Burleigh County Commission debates the budget for 2024



Bismarck, North Dakota – The $9 million budget gap is being discussed by the Burleigh County Commission, one of which would completely eliminate a particular position.

In order to save about $180,000 over time, Commissioner Jerry Woodcox suggests eliminating the office of county administrator and delaying hiring for the position until the next year.

Additionally, he suggests using some of the county’s reserves to assist in funding the city’s 2024 goals.

“I think we are going to have to use some of our reserves in the park district or the Missouri Valley Project,” Woodcox stated, “and maybe look at something for the provident building. We are already funding it for seven million. We have 1.5 in that fund which is a dedicated fund for the provident building. I think we could transfer some of that and still our maintenance should be minimal for the next five years or so.”

Woodcox says he wants the other commissioners to keep coming up with ideas and finding solutions to help with the projected gap in funding for the following year.