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North Dakota

Burgum names state taskforce members to address the shortage of teachers



North Dakota – The members of a newly established task force on teacher recruitment and retention were revealed by Governor Doug Burgum.

In an effort to solve the state’s ongoing teacher shortage, the task committee was established by executive order back in September.

The governor has selected Doug Burgum, state superintendent Kirsten Baesler, and 13 other members from across the state, for a total of 15 members.

According to him, every participant speaks for stakeholders in the field of education.

Jenny Bladow, one of the members, told us that every member views education through a unique set of glasses.

“I’m thinking about what can we do to get middle school students interested, what can we do to get high school students interested in teaching but I maybe am not the most up to date with what school boards are thinking about or what principals and superintendent are thinking about. I also saw there are a couple of teachers and instructional coaches, special education teachers I think it’s really gonna be important to get their perspective, they’re in the schools they’re hearing from teachers or they are teachers that maybe are considering another pathway because teaching has become more challenging or whatever the reason is right? So I think it’s going to be really important to hear from those teachers, from those principals, because again, I think we all have our area of specialty and what we’re experts in so now’s our time to really come together to hear each other out and listen to all the different perspectives, “said Bladow.

By September 30, 2023, the Task Force must deliver a final report with recommendations to the governor and superintendent. It must also identify legislative partners for legislation that will be sponsored during the 2025 session of Congress.

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