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Blackout Wednesday, AKA “Drinksgiving”



Bismarck, North Dakota – Thanksgiving is a time when binge eating is common, but some individuals also like to drink a lot. Some people purposefully drink till they blackout as part of what has become known as “Blackout Wednesday,” however this isn’t a problem for everyone.

The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is called Blackout Wednesday, or “Drinksgiving.” Participating individuals consume so much alcohol that they pass out. Having fun occasionally is perfectly OK, but drinking too much to the point where you lose memory of what happened can be risky.

“Right now I think across the state, there’s been about 3,000 DUIs this year. So that’s a significant number per day,” said Sgt. Wade Kadrmas, with the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

Thanksgiving is a time when overindulging in food is typical, but some people also enjoy heavy drinking. As part of what has become known as “Blackout Wednesday,” some people deliberately drink till they blackout, although this isn’t an issue for everyone.

Blackout Wednesday, often known as “Drinksgiving,” occurs on the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving. Those who participate drink till they pass out from alcohol consumption. It’s okay to occasionally have fun, but it might be dangerous to drink too much to the point where you forget what happened.

“If you are someone who doesn’t have a substance abuse disorder, and you want to celebrate and have a couple of drinks with your friends, be safe about it. Don’t overindulge – certainly don’t drink and drive – make sure you’re making decisions that keep you safe and keep other people safe. Anytime we’re drinking to the point of unconsciousness, bad things are going to happen,” said Dr. Henke.

According to Dr. Henke, she encounters a lot of patients who were either the driver or the victim of a drunk driving accident. In any case, it frequently alters the lives of people involved indefinitely.

“There’s no coming back from those things. Those decisions have a life-long impact,” Dr. Henke said.

Judgment is the first thing to go when you’ve had too much to drink, according to both Dr. Henke and Sgt. Kadrmas. People aren’t feeling well, despite what they claim. It can save lives to know your boundaries and to have a plan.

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