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Bismarck couple establishes the marketing company “Clover”



Bismarck, North Dakota – There isn’t much that can stand between a mom of three and her business, as the new marketing company “Clover” shows. This is especially true when the new company is being launched by two mothers of three who have years of marketing and graphic design experience.

That team consists of Kenzie Kelly and Kendra Taylor.

They established “Clover,” a full-funnel marketing company, to offer consultation and develop marketing plans for any company in the region and beyond.

Kelly’s background in art and graphic design, along with Taylor’s prior experience as a business owner and marketer, made it clear to the two that starting a business is the logical next step. But they were aware that they needed help.

“Without Kendra, I would supremely struggle, and vice versa. I think we balance each other out super well. She definitely brings skills to the table that I don’t have,” said Clover co-CEO Kenzie Kelly.

The founders of “Clover” started it on August 31 and have already completed three projects. However, they claim that one of their greatest sources of pride is what they refer to as “passion projects.”

“We’re offering hugely generous discounts on all of our services just to get people going just so they have a foot in the door and a fighting chance to grow,” said Clover co-CEO Kendra Taylor.

Over the course of the year, Kelly and Taylor promise to make twelve discounted passion projects available to the neighborhood.