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Bicentennial US quarter attracts notice due to its high sales points



Bismarck, North Dakota – Coin collecting is a hobby and a leisure time for some people. There are several really valuable coins among those.

Recently, bicentennial quarters from 1976 have been selling for thousands of dollars more than their market worth.

However, a bicentennial quarter in excellent condition costs about $1 at Bismarck Gold and Silver.

“The trouble with the bicentennial quarter, they made them too immense in 1976. At the Philadelphia Mint, they made 810 million coins. And then at the Denver mint, they made 860 million coins. So, there’s far more coins available to the public than what they will ever collect. It far exceeds the number of collectors that are in the United States,” said Larry Schneider, the owner of Bismarck Gold and Silver Exchange.

Though he claimed it’s not that rare, he did say he’s been getting more calls lately regarding the coin.

In actuality, the banking system still has them available.