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Bell Tower set to open spring 2024



Fargo, North Dakota – As the Bell Tower renovation project moves forward, there is a lot of enthusiasm in the air. Bell Bank has been renovating the tower that is located along Main Avenue.

The skyscraper needed a serious facelift because it had been built 50 years ago.

“Really nice to see it take shape and it will be a great corporate headquarters for us,” said Laine Brantner, the COO of Bell Bank. “We’ll have almost 550 employees between this building and the building across the street.”

There are many local construction workers working on this project. This is the largest project Olaf Anderson has ever worked on.

“Nice thing about North Dakota, everybody has a good work ethic.” said Jeff Frustenau, the CEO of Olaf Anderson.

Some companies have sent employees home to work from there in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. That pattern has now begun to shift, with more individuals returning to their offices. To improve the environment for its staff, Bell Bank claimed they are upgrading the parking garage with wellness rooms for mothers, an exercise facility, and a skywalk.

“We thought it was very important as we built this out to think about the customer experience and the employee experience,” said Brantner. “We’re very employee/customer centric. That’s why we changed out where the branch location is. Changed out the windows so that they’re floor to ceiling. So done a lot of little things that you may not notice that will make a better experience with our employees and customers.”

The tower is scheduled to open in the spring of 2024, according to Bell Bank.