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Before winter storm, Bismarck locals scramble to get last-minute supplies



Bismarck, North Dakota – Many individuals are racing to hardware stores to get those last-minute items as a result of this year’s first winter storm.

Customers have been frequenting Ace Hardware this week as folks get ready for the snowfall on Thursday and Friday.

Snow blowers and snow shovels are the most widely used items.

North Dakota native Caden Rue can offer advice to people debating whether to buy a snowblower or a shovel.

“So, if you have a big lawn like a big driveway definitely go for a snowblower but if you have a small driveway go with the shovel just so that you aren’t wasting a lot of gas,” said Rue.

However, Rue advises getting that snow blower now to save time if you intend to assist your family members or neighbors in clearing the snow.