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An updated “M” for the “M” building



Minot, North Dakota – Locals will observe that the Magic City’s skyline has changed.

The M building, commonly referred to as the Minot Building changed its letter on Friday afternoon.

According to project manager Bruce Langseth, all of the old will be replaced with new as part of the building refurbishment, including the main signature.

Although complications caused it to be delayed into the New Year, Langseth stated they were expecting to replace it sooner.

“This is basically the first aesthetic stuff that you’ll see, is the new ‘M’ going up on top which we’re really excited about,” said Langseth.

The freshly created letter is orange and three-dimensional.

The Epic leadership anticipates that the entire makeover will be completed by year’s end.

The old sign might have been placed atop Minot North High School.