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North Dakota

After the ice storm, the Gackle village joins together during the power outage



Gackle, North Dakota – Some towns were severely damaged more severely than others by the ice storm that pounded most of the state this week.

For example, thousands were left without electricity when the power cables that supplied Gackle collapsed.

There has been no official indication of when the lights will return on over the two days that the power outage has lasted thus far.

Although Gackle is normally a sleepy town, the sound of generators filling the streets could be heard.

Also audible are people lending a hand to others to break free of the ice.

“We’ve never seen this much ice before ever, ever,” said said Joann Janke, resident.

They hope the power will come on soon as they watch the ice melt.

“We have heard two this afternoon, five tonight, 10 p.m. or even a week, so we will wait and see,” said Carrie Odegaard, a volunteer at the Red Cross.

We have not had power for the past 48 hours.

“It will be on tomorrow, ha ha,” said Joann Janke.

To keep everyone warm, locals, volunteers, and state agencies are collaborating.

“If everybody does it, I mean, we are a community, we are a family, that’s the reason why we do it,” said Odegaard.

“That’s just what small communities do, you know everybody and you help everybody,” said Janke.

Cold residents are receiving bowls of warming from the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross.

“If it was a little colder, I think our shelter would have quite a few more people in it,” said Paul Henke, a volunteer.

For the Jankes, the fire station was necessary and is utilized for food, restrooms, electricity, and chat.

“Our generator going out, it has been sitting for years and now it had to quit,” said Janke.

Luckily, their nephew set up a replacement generator after they finished their delicious supper.

Janke said they will all be moving trees together when the ice melts.

Approximately 300 people live in the town.