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Additional sidewalks for the Highland Acres Neighborhood rejected



Bismarck, North Dakota – The request to add sidewalks where none already exist in the Highland Acres neighborhood was denied by the Bismarck City Commission, so more won’t be added there.

This project has been delayed several times, most recently in 2017 to enable the historical significance of the neighborhood studies.

Proponents of closing the sidewalk gaps argue that the absence of sidewalks on major thoroughfares is a safety hazard, particularly given the proximity of an elementary school.

Some claim that for historical reasons, they wish to preserve the neighborhood’s original layout and honor its original design.

Over half of the neighborhood streets have sidewalks already, based on city maps.

According to city engineer Gabe Schell, the area’s historical significance won’t be impacted by the addition of walkways.

Schell suggested that the commission communicate with the Office of State Historic Preservation.

He advised against walking on any cul-de-sac sidewalks.

“To understand the historical significance of what this would be. I guess if it is the board’s desire, I could come back to you with the result; as the first step before anything else is really done,” said City Engineer Gabe Schell.

The area, which dates back to World War II, was added to the National Register of Historic Places last year.

It was constructed as housing for families of returning servicemen.