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Academy Class VI of the Fargo Police Department will begin on Monday, January 22



Fargo, North Dakota – On Monday, January 22, the Fargo Police Department’s Academy Class VI will begin with the induction of 14 recruits. The Fargo Police Department (FPD) conducted a thorough application, background check, and interview procedure to select 14 students from a pool of over 150 applicants. Before enrolling in the 16-week Police Training Officer (PTO) program, which is on-the-job training, individuals attending the Fargo Police Academy will complete more than 400 hours of instruction recognized by the North Dakota Peace Officer Standards and Instruction Board (ND POST).

Through a demanding 13-week program, the Fargo Police Academy offers Peace Officer Training that is approved by the ND POST Board. In contrast to conventional police academies, the FPD has developed a progressive hiring procedure that permits new hires to be compensated for their participation by being hired as department workers. Students can be hired by The Fargo Police Department as licensed peace officers after passing the training and the ND POST exam.

Constitutional law, crime scene investigations, defensive and de-escalation techniques, Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC), firearms training, and other general topics are covered during the course. This sets the Fargo Police Academy apart from other training academies in the area: most of the training will be conducted by officers, detectives, and supervisors who are currently employed by the Fargo Police Department.

“Our in-house academy provides new recruits with more than just training; we immerse them into the culture of our department. From day one, our academy provides evidence-based knowledge, skills and abilities through 21st century policing philosophies, and in conformity with the values of our department. We highlight the importance of the community-police partnership in our own unique way — The Fargo Way,” remarked Police Chief Dave Zibolski.

Apart from overseeing and managing the Fargo Police Academy, the FPD Training and Development Unit is accountable for making sure that all FPD team members receive varied, valuable, and ongoing training by regularly organizing and directing educational events.