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7th Annual Vendor Show presented by Deer Widows in Bismarck



Bismarck, North Dakota – Local Deer Widows got together for their 7th annual vendor fair on Saturday, November 4th; it’s the ideal thing to check out when your spouse is on a stakeout.

The most popular usage of the phrase “Deer Widow” is to refer to a woman who stays at home with her significant other while he goes hunting. But inside the Bismarck Event Center at the Vendor Show, the widows themselves went bargain hunting.

Three hundred children were among the estimated 1,500 people who attended the vendor show in total. The organizers claim that this figure is outstanding and evidence of the success of this year’s event.

Coordinator of Events Rachael Howard, According to Rachael Howard, the event coordinator, “This is our seventh year hosting the event.” “It all began with the notion that when hunting season arrived, we would all become deer widows, so we decided to go shopping and look for the best deals.” This is our second year at the event center, and it’s evolved into a community event that’s great for families. It’s merely an opportunity for our neighborhood vendors and craftspeople to come in and start the holiday shopping season locally.

Go to the Deer Widow Vendor Show’s Facebook page for additional details.