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North Dakota

3 people detained in Bismarck following connected traffic stops



Bismarck, North Dakota – Three Bismarck residents were taken into custody Thursday night, according to the police, after two eluded a traffic stop and one obstructed the course of the inquiry.

A department spokesman stated that at approximately nine o’clock at night, cops pulled over Vincen Morales, 19, Galat Tut, 26, and Desiree Rodriquez, 28. Morales and Tut took off running. Morales, who had allegedly kicked at cops before being arrested for refusing to stop and preventing arrest, was eventually tackled by authorities.

Tut managed to escape. During the first stop, Rodriquez was a passenger in the vehicle and was later released.

Subsequently that evening, Rodriquez was allegedly operating the same vehicle approximately a mile from the initial stop when she was stopped by police. When the officers questioned Rodriqez about Tut’s location, she replied that she had no idea.

Officers noticed someone hiding in the rear car under a blanket as they were speaking with Rodriquez. Tut was the one they told to get out of the car.

For impeding an inquiry, Rodriquez was placed under custody. Tut’s refusal to stop resulted in his arrest.

Morales was taken into custody in November when he was caught stealing a facemask from Scheels in Bismarck, refusing to stop, having a stolen gun, and donning a mask while committing violent crimes. For such offenses, he received an 18-month probationary period and 42 days in jail.